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Our dear guests,


For the past two and a half years, you have been an extension of our family. It is because of you and your support, we have been able to navigate the chaotic and uncontrollable business environment that 2020 has become. 


Unfortunately, just as the economy was getting back up and gaining momentum, restaurants are having to take another step back. As of today, we find ourselves at the footsteps of yet another state-mandated stay-at-home order. Which means we will not be able to serve our guest indoors or outdoors.


As you know restaurants are a volume-based business model. The state's widening regulations and limiting capacities proved near difficult to survive the first round.  However, this time around without any resources or assistance for small businesses our only option is to shut down for the foreseeable future and wait for our Governor to reopen the economy.  


We plan on finding a way back into dine-in service once those liberties are restored, but in the meantime, please continue to follow us online as we will post updates regularly as the state-controlled situation evolves.


Thank you for being with us through 2020. We can’t wait to welcome and serve you again soon!



Tabachines Cocina family


Samuel, Tyler, James, Sabrina, Tony, Justus, Curtis, Robert, Ezekiel, Evangeline, Josefina and Consuelo.