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Garde Manger/Pastry

About the Role

Reports To: Head Chef / Sous Chef
Position Summary:

As a Garde Manger Chef, you would be overseeing the culinary operations in the Garde Manger section by following Tabachines standards and procedures. Your responsibility pertains, but is not endemic to, managing the food production and quality control for all meat, fish, fowl and other food items prepared in the cold kitchen.

Also, taking care of all physical aspects of cold kitchen operation, supervision, preparation and serving of food, equipment maintenance and cleaning, quality control and cleanliness of work area.

The role of Garde Manger at Tabachines Cocina is extremely important to our success. We hope to usher in a new era of upscale Mexican Cuisine for Fresno. Our team will be bringing an experience of dining that sets the standard today and will continue to define them in the future.

Qualities of a successful Garde Manger Chef

Efficiency and Speed
Organization and Focus
High Level of Attention and Awareness
Attention to Cleanliness and Sanitation
Always a Team Player

Chef Garde Manger Duties and Responsibilities:

- Oversee the consistency of various preparations within the cold kitchen area to ensure quality product and adherence to standard recipes.

- Prepares all cold food according to recipes, guidelines and standards set by Tabachines Cocina.

- Ensures that assigned work area has proper level of par stocks and supplies according to daily production sheets (based on house count), daily menus etc.

- Always keep all refrigeration, equipment, storage and working areas in clean, working condition to comply with health department regulations.

- Visually inspects, selects, and uses only food items of the highest standard in the preparation of all menu items.

- Checks and controls the proper storage of product, checking on portion control, especially in specific cuts of meat, to maintain product quality.

- Responsible for preparing of cold food items and completion of all hot food items that require finish in garde manger station.

- Prepares daily prep lists for supplies and food items for production.

- Prepare all dishes following recipes and yield guides.

- Properly label and date all products to ensure safekeeping and sanitation.

- Effectively communicate with other chefs and service team to full fill and address any issues or needs requested by guests.

- Plan, prepare and set up to provide quality service and product to all outlets requiring items from Garde Manger kitchen.

- Collaborate with the Chef in menu development and implementation of special menus.

- Monitors waste and over production, as well as utilizes leftovers, ensures proper rotation and quality control.

- Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, procedures, and standards.

- Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment.

- Performs general cleaning tasks using standard hotel cleaning product as assigned to adhere to health standards.

- Utilize established company control procedures for food cost, labor cost, and food quality.

- Responsible for assisting Chefs in maintaining the overall cleanliness and equipment maintenance of their areas.

- Assist Chefs in overseeing weekly and monthly inventories and ordering of food and supplies.

- Assist Chefs in formulating recipes for production use in Garde Manger kitchen and Special Tequila Dinner/ Wine Dinner menus.

- Assists Chefs in monitoring training of new employees to help them achieve higher status.

- Assists Chef in monitoring and enforcing Company and Departmental safety policies, Health Department Standards and all other applicable.

- Attend daily and weekly kitchen meetings to keep garde manger staff informed and updated on current events and restaurant activities.

- Strong communication, leadership, and conflict resolution skills.

- Perform all other job-related duties as requested by the management.


- Working knowledge of the fundamentals of cooking.

- Working knowledge of knives and knife skills.

- Working knowledge of kitchen equipment like cryovac, slicing machine, juicer, small wares etc.

- Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays.


Bachelor’s degree in Culinary or Culinary diploma or equivalent with experience. Effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms. Basic computer knowledge and experience in using inventory systems.


At least 2 years of Culinary experience in a full-service, structured dining establishment.

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